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Treatment Equipment

Watech supplies all types of instruments and equipment used in water and wastewater applications. Besides, the company designs and produces many treatment equipment.
From scrapers to mixers, chemical dosing systems to filters, many equipment are offered standard or tailor-design. According to the conditions and customer demands, DIN, ASME, AWWA and BS standards, design and application codes are chosen. Equipment material options include stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, galvanized carbon steel, epoxy painted carbon steel, GRP coated carbon steel, GRP, etc.
• Headwork equipment
• Screens, screen-presses, grit traps, grit classifiers, etc.
• Scraping equipment
• Clarifier scrapers, thickener scrapers, oil skimmers, etc.
• Mixing equipment
• Submersible mixers, rapid mixers, slow mixers, etc.
• Conveying and storing equipment
• Screw conveyors, belt conveyors, jib cranes, containers, etc.
• Aerators
• Rapid and slow surface aerators, submerged aerators, brush aerators, etc.
• Sludge dewatering equipment
• Centrifugal decanters, filter presses, belt presses, etc.
• Clarifying equipment
• Flotation units, lamella separators, tubular clarifiers, etc.
• Filtration equipment
• Pressure and gravity depth filters, softeners, ion exchangers, etc.
• Flow control equipment
• Penstocks, weir stocks, stoplogs, etc.

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